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Remove the hassle of arranging another mortgage and use the time to plan your house move.

Moving house is ranked amongst the most stressful experiences in your life. Finding a mortgage can make the process even more stressful. The abundance of mortgage options is simply mind-blowing and immensely time-consuming.

The mortgage specialists at Freedom Mortgage & Protection Services save you precious time by finding the best mortgage for you and go above and beyond what is expected of us to ensure we find you an attractive deal. Not only that, we’ll review any outstanding balance on your current mortgage and provide a full assessment of your potential borrowing power.

In many cases, it is possible to transfer your existing mortgage to the new home – known as porting. However, porting is not always the best option. Moreover, because you essentially have to apply for a new mortgage, there is a chance you could be refused a new mortgage.

We do everything in our power to ensure you secure a new mortgage when you move home. Our experienced and knowledgeable advisors have the expertise to increase your chances of securing the right mortgage for you.

If there is an early exit fee to pay on your existing mortgage, we will calculate a price comparison for you and advise you whether it makes financial sense to change your mortgage or remain with your current lender.

Not only that, but we also help you complete the application form to apply for a new mortgage. It is vitally important to ensure all the information requested by the lender is complete. Also, if you need any help with completing the legal paperwork for your solicitor, we can help you with that as well!

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Our Efficient Team Navigate The Mortgage Market On Your Behalf

Banks have stringent application processes and are very cautious who they loan money to. Securing a mortgage is much harder today than it was before the banking crisis .

When you move house you effectively apply for a new mortgage which involves going through the entire application process again. Even if you are porting your mortgage with the same interest rates, terms and conditions as your current mortgage, your existing lender has the right to decline your application for a new mortgage.

Lenders will look at your current circumstances to determine whether you are still eligible for a mortgage. They assess whether your income is sufficient to cover repayments and take into account your previous payment history, total outgoings, any debts you may have incurred and job security among other things.

There is also a risk that you may not be able to borrow the amount you need to invest in your dream property and subsequently have to take out another loan, or you may end up borrowing money with higher interest rates.

Freedom Mortgage & Protection Services help you to navigate the mortgage market and avoid any potential pitfalls. We have access to a comprehensive range of mortgage products from across the market and including hundreds of lenders offering attractive deals.

Free Home Mover Mortgage Advice

With our knowledge of the market, contacts and experience, we can find the best deal available for your needs – and potentially save thousands of pounds you can put towards your retirement fund.

Before you commit to selling your house and porting your mortgage with your current lender, speak with our experts to determine if there is a better option available to you. As a small firm, you can rely on us to offer honest and impartial advice.

Our specialist mortgage advisors will identify the best deals that meet your needs and calculate the overall costs of your existing terms in relation to the cost of a new mortgage.

Take advantage of our free mortgage advice service and contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable advisors.

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